Managed Websocketswithout vendor lock-in

Add websocket to your app within 5 minutes, with or without auth - Add WebSocket to your app within 5 min. No vendor lock-in. | Product Hunt

A better way to websocket

From indie projects to enterprise, we got you covered.


Millions of concurrency? No problem. Millions of messages per second? Easy peasy.

No Vendor Lock-in

Just bring your own websocket client. In case you wanna take it in-house for some reason, you don't have to rewrite your whole codebase.

Auth Your Way

Any kind of auth you can think of, we support it: allowAny, whitelist only, JWT token. We challenge you to name one that we don't support today, and we'll build it.


Priced to Grow with You

Want enterprise level support? Contact us.

We use MyWs to power our own real time social app. It's so easy to use so we made this into a product to help the other engineers.



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Add Websocket to your app within 5 min

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